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Travel to Åland


The Åland Islands are situated in the heart of Scandinavia, midway between Stockholm and Helsinki. Most people find the boat trip impressive. You can see Sweden’s, Finland’s and Åland’s archipelagos on the way. You can also fly there via Finland and Sweden.

The ferries are actually more like cruise liners. Most travellers from abroad are surprised to find that such enormous vessels operate among such small islands. The boats run several times a day. They have restaurants, entertainment and taxfree shops on board. Tickets are surprisingly cheap, particularly considering they are floating shopping and entertainment palaces.


The shortest route from Sweden leaves from Grisslehamn or Kapellskär outside Norrtälje and takes two hours. From Stockholm there are several route variations. From Finland you can either travel on the smaller archipelago ferries or on the ferries from Turku, Naantali and Helsinki. If you are travelling from Estonia you would opt for Tallink Silja from Tallin.
Book your trip directly with any of the shipping lines (Eckerö Linjen, Finnlines, Tallink Silja or Viking Line).

For travellers from Finland, the beautiful sea route by Ålandstrafiken’s ferries is also an alternative, especially if you plan to visit one of the six Åland archipelago municipalities. The archipelago ferries depart from Osnäs or Galtby near Turku. The voyage takes you via the Åland archipelago islands to Hummelvik in Vårdö (Northern Line) or Långnäs in Lumparland (Southern Line) on the main island. Book your voyage with the archipelago ferries by calling Ålandstrafiken ph. +358 18 525 100. Especially in the summer it’s important to make your reservations well in advance.

Flying to Åland is a quick and convenient alternative. Your flight is via Helsinki or Stockholm. It takes just half an hour from Stockholm/Arlanda (Sweden) with NextJet and less than an hour from Helsinki/Vanda (Finland) with Finnair (Flybe Finland). Once you are in Åland, the international airport is just five minutes by car from central Mariehamn.


For timetables, booking and further information about the ferries and flights to Åland visit the company homepage.

By boat

Eckerö Linjen
Grisslehamn, Sweden – Berghamn Eckerö, Åland

Kapellskär – Långnäs – Naantali

Tallink Silja
Stockholm – Mariehamn/Långnäs – Turku
Stockholm – Mariehamn – Helsinki
Stockholm – Mariehamn – Tallinn

Viking Line
Stockholm – Mariehamn/Långnäs – Turku
Stockholm – Mariehamn – Helsinki

Korppoo/Galtby – Åland
Kustavi/Gustavs – Åland

By air

Helsinki – Mariehamn
Turku - Mariehamn

Stockholm – Marienhamn
Turku – Mariehamn