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Our three Åland hotels Pommern, Savoy and Adlon are all located in Mariehamn. Both Åland and Mariehamn offer lots of experiences and activities.

In Mariehamn you can for example visit the museum ship Pommern and Åland Maritime Museum and Mariebad swimming pools and spa or saunter around the Maritime quarter – everything within walking distance!

Se and do

On Åland there is a lot to see and experience on a small area. The main island of Åland is only 45 km from north to south and 50 km from east to west. This makes it easy to travel around and discover the entire island.

A sightseeing tour in the island kingdom offers everything from medieval castles in Kastelholm, the shipping town Mariehamn with the sailing ship Pommern to interesting museums and the beautiful archipelago. Also, you do not want to miss experiencing the art, craft and design of Åland.

Our best Åland tips!

Here we have collected some of our favourites of all the fun things to see and do in Åland.

Åland Maritime Museum and S/V Pommern

Pommern is the world’s only large sailing vessel that has been maintained in its original state, so sign on for a voyage through time and space. On board you can explore the whole ship from hold to charthouse.

Discover and experience the Åland Maritime Museum. Enjoy the interactive exhibitions, where thrilling stories and fantastic objects bring to life Åland’s maritime heritage in a brand new way. Climb a mast, call into port or go on a treasure hunt with Ruby the ship’s rat.

Åland Maritime Museum

S/V Pommern

SALT and the Maritime Quarter

In the eastern harbour of Mariehamn you will find the Maritime Quarter, a living marine centre with boat building activity, a smithy and other handicrafts and a marina for traditional ships and wooden boats.

SALT is a living and lively crafts house run by six designers and co-owners of SALT. In the shop you will find things made of textiles, silver, ceramics, wood and iron.

the Maritime Quarter

Swimming centre Mariebad

Mariebad is a swimming centre in Mariehamn on Åland with an adventure pool, exercise pool and swimming beach.


Family: Smart Park

July 2015 witnessed the opening of the new Smart Park. The name comes from the idea that you’ll be a bit smarter after a visit to Smart Park even though you do nothing but play and enjoy your day.

Smart Park focuses on what is unique to Åland - highlighting the local community, history and means of livelihood. Smart Park is a place for creative and interactive experiences with an emphasis on playing. Smart Park is a great park for the whole family to experience.


Restaurant Smakbyn

Smakbyn is situated in Åland’s cultural cradle near Kastelholm Castle and Jan Karlsgården open air museum. They serve lunch and dinner made of locally produced ingredients, and have a farm shop to visit. Smakbyn also have a distillery and conference facilities. Tastings and guided tours are arranged in the distillery.


The castle of Kastelholm

The castle, which originally was used as a defence stronghold, was founded in the end of the 1300’s. The stronghold was then rebuilt at different times until the 1600’s when it had become a castle with mainly an administrative function. At the end of the 1600’s the castle was left to dilapidate. The castle has now been restored and is open for visitors.

Bomarsund visitors’ centre

Today, only the ruins of the magnificent Russian fortress in Bomarsund remain. Although the structure was largely destroyed during the Crimean War in 1854, the ruins are considered one of Åland’s main attractions. 

When you visit Bomarsund, don't miss stopping at the Bomarsund visitors’ centre, which opened in June 2022. Here, you can get to know the fortress and take part in the history before continuing with your own discoveries among the ruins.

Bomarsund fortress ruins and visitors’ centre

Två barn viftar med Ålandsflaggor i famnen på en vuxen.

Åland in brief

Inhabitants: 30 000
Language: Swedish
Currency: Euro € is the official currency, and many service points also accept Swedish krona
Time: Eastern European Time (+ 2 GMT)
Total area: 6,787 km2
The total of more than 6,700 islands of which 60 are uninhabited.

Did you know that…

  • 23% of the electricity on Åland comes from wind power? Today there are 22 wind power stations but the number is growing.
  • There is 912 km of public roads on Åland? 30 bridges? And with eight local ferry services between the islands you can spend several days traveling around entire Åland.
  • Finland’s oldest and biggest chips factory is situated on Åland? That there is a vineyard on Åland? There is not one McDonald’s? (But several other hamburger restaurants and delicious food).
  • As you might know Swedish is the language spoken on Åland. Though, as you might think, it is not the Finnish-Swedish but a Swedish that more resembles the Swedish spoken in Uppland, Sweden.
  • After a heated debate in 1953 an own flag was chosen. The day of Åland’s flag is celebrated the last Sunday in April.      

Facts are from Visit Åland.

More Åland tips!

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