We are environmentally conscious

Ålandhotels wants to convey traditions and culture of Åland with hospitality and good cuisine, by prioritizing local products according to season. We want to contribute to the positive development of Åland as a society and travel destination.

For us at Ålandhotels it is important to care for our guests and our environment. We acknowledge our environmental responsibility and strive for environmentally friendly heritage and practices in all areas of our business.

It is important for us to work in a way that contributes to a sustainable society. We continuously work to improve our environmental practices and reduce our environmental impact. We train our staff regularly on environmental work and adopt environmentally friendly thinking from management to all departments.

In order to achieve our environmental goals we monitor our water and energy consumption and waste amounts. The principal is to reduce consumption and replace products that burden the environment with environmentally friendly alternatives, from cleaning chemicals, food, consumables, to the planning of transportations. We follow routines for purchases, handling of chemical products, customer information and staff training so that we can keep our high standard of environmental work.

Keep the Archipelago Tidy

Ålandhotels and Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association have entered into an exciting collaboration to promote sustainability and environmental awareness. Through this partnership, Ålandhotels has decided to contribute to the preservation of the beautiful archipelago environment in which we live and work, by offering our guests the opportunity to skip the daily cleaning during their stay. For each room where a guest choose to skip the stayover cleaning, we donate 1 € to Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association. We estimate that this will bring in over 15,000 € annually to Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association. Through this simple act, you can contribute to reducing the environmental impact and preserving the unique archipelago in Åland.

This action has several advantages. Firstly, it reduces the consumption of resources by cutting down on the washing of towels and the use of detergents and other energy-intensive cleaning equipment. In addition, we decrease the water consumption and the amount of waste generated during the stay. At the same time, the working environment of our housekeeping staff is improved as the workload is reduced.

By donating a part of the revenue to Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association, Ålandhotels also supports the organization's important work to protect and preserve the Åland archipelago. With the help of this donation, Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association can implement various initiatives, such as beach cleanings, educational programs and information campaigns to spread awareness of the importance of caring for the marine environment.

We at Ålandhotels are happy to partner with Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association to contribute to their important work while promoting more sustainable tourism and protecting the unique archipelago and nature in Åland. By engaging our guests in this initiative, we are convinced that we can make a real difference and continue to enjoy the unique and magnificent archipelago also in the future.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel hotels and restaurants

The Swan is the official Nordic Ecolabel, we follow the recommendations of the Swan label as a guideline in our hotels.

  • Hotel Savoy have the Swan label since 2011 and meet the requirements of the label.
  • Hotel Pommern and restaurant Kvarter5 have the Swan label since spring 2019.

The criteria of the Swan label focus on the operation of the business and how to reduce the environmental impact through these. The Swan looks at the whole life cycle of the product and its environmental impact.  There are strict criteria and values for e.g. water and electricity consumption and the use of renewable energy alternatives is encouraged.

The Nordic Ecolabelling and its criteria are time-bound, the criteria are revised and requirements are continually increased. The license needs to be renewed when requirements are tightened to show that the business is able to meet the criteria.

Learn more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel